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– This is not the Job/Event Co-ordinator Contact page.

– This contact form is directly deals with Jobskar.com Technical Team.

Incase, if you are searching for Job or Event co-ordinator number. Kindly see the contact details which is available (mentioned) in the Job/Event Contact details Box itself.

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Note only for Business or Partnership : If you want to Tie-up your Business or Website with Jobskar.com, Kindly send a Short Description about your Business/ Website with your Business/Website Logo & Banner Images in Zip format.

Note only for Advertisement : If you want to advertise your ADS in Jobskar.com, Kindly send a Short Description about your advertisement with Logo/Banner Images in Zip format.
Also, tell us What kind (Type) of Advertisement you required, Like : Image / Text ADS, Popup ADS, Video ADS etc as per your needs.

Note only for Event Sponsorship :
If you want to become a sponsor of any event if Jobskar.com, Kindly send your Sponsorship Details with Sponsorship Logo & Banner Images in Zip format. And also send the Jobskar Event URL & Title which you want to ready to sponsor.

Note for only for Complaints/Reports : If you want to fill complaint against any Event/Job Describe the Exact Issues with Job/Event Title/Hyerlink (Must Enclosed the Proof).

For Only Partnership/Business/Advertisement Must Enter the Whatsapp Contact Number

Other than this Purpose no need to fill your contact number.

Note : For Partnership/Business/Advertisement/Job DMCA/Event DMCA use this field to attach your files in Zip format (File size not exceed 20 MB)

– If your face any Technical issue you can directly drop an Email to
[email protected]